The Dayton Regional STEM Center has established the STEM Excellence Awards to recognize leadership, service, and collaboration in the field of STEM Education.  The awards will honor the work of individuals and teams who have made distinctive contributions to the field of STEM Education

$ 1,500.00

$ 500.00

Awards are $1,500 for 1st place and $500 for 2nd place and will be awarded to the school or district in the awardee’s name to support future STEM experiences

STEM Education Leadership & Service Award 

The STEM Education Leadership & Service Award is presented to a PK-12 Classroom Teacher who has made extraordinary contributions to the creation, facilitation, or continuation of a STEM Education initiative, program or organization directly impacting PK-12 students in the Dayton, Ohio region. 

Nominations will open January-March 

STEM Education Collaboration Awards

The STEM Education Collaboration Award will be presented to a team or group of educators who have collaborated to design, deliver or sustain a distinctive, PK-12 STEM Education program or project at the school, district, or community level in the Dayton, Ohio region. The industry, government, or higher educational organization(s) will be recognized for their supporting role(s).

Applications can be from either category:

School-based Collaboration OR Community Collaboration

 School-based Collaboration Award 

The School-based Collaboration Award will recognize the outstanding efforts of a group of classroom teachers and/or educational administrators who have worked at the school or district level to advance quality STEM Education.

Nominations will open January-March 

Community Collaboration Award

The Community Collaboration Award will recognize the outstanding efforts of a group or team of PK-12 educators who have worked to create STEM Education programming enhanced by connections between PK-12 schools and business, industry, government, or higher education organizations.    

Nominations will open January-March